TWO new homes are going to be built in St John’s - despite fears they could be let out to students.

A pair of semi-detached properties are to be built directly behind 11 Comer Gardens, despite objections.

Worcester City Council’s planning committee backed the move after saying there was no “technical reasons” to refuse it.

A developer wants to build over 500 square metres of land, with each property getting two parking spaces.

Nearby resident Brian Chadd, 71, turned up at the meeting to say it would block out light to nearby homes and make it the area even more built-up.

He said it would be “detrimental to the existing properties” if it got the go-ahead.

“The building is far too large for the existing plot and not in keeping with the (homes) around it - and there is the question of the ‘right to light’,” he said.

“It would not enhance the area and would also cause more traffic problems.”

The committee agreed to accept the plan, on the basis a condition was attached preventing it from becoming student homes.

A report on it also said it would help ease the homes shortage in the area, and make use of vacant land.

The developers’ bid was originally flagged up to the committee by Councillor Simon Geraghty, who represents the area, amid fears it would be for students.

Councillor Geoff Williams said: “I have some difficulty reaching a decision that is anything other than approval for a variety of reasons, the main one being the principle of development.”

The committee accepted the plan, on the basis any “conversion” to student accommodation is barred.

The plan is being led by Elizabeth Bayfield, of Church Terrace, in St John’s.

It comes just two weeks after the city council’s cabinet agreed to bring in a new crackdown on student property from June 2014, known as Article 4.

Under the ruling, landlords who want to convert a property into student accommodation must apply to planners for a ‘change of use’ first, which could lead to refusal.