DUST off the suncream bottles, grab your sun hat and shades and prepare for the heatwave that will be hitting the city from Friday.

It is predicted that the overcast weather we have been experiencing all week will make way for blue skies with the mercury rising to the high 20Cs at the weekend.

And parents will be pleased to know that after the winter that never seemed to end, the temperatures for July are expected to be above average just in time for the summer holidays.

Paul Michaelwaite from Netweather.tv, based in Pershore, said Worcester will experience unsettled weather including showers until Thursday when it will begin to enjoy temperatures between 23C and 25C from Friday.

“It is unlikely to change now so we can expect warmer, sunny weather from Friday onwards with the temperature in the mid to high 20Cs “The better weather is down to the return of the UK’s best friend in the summer - the Azores high.

“And the good news is it is barbecue time at last.

“Every other month has been below average in temperature but there is a strong possibility that July will be higher than average.”

It is not good news for everyone though.

Mr Michaelwaite warned hayfever sufferers that they may need to stock up on sprays, tablets and eyedrops as pollen levels continue to remain quite high.

The rising temperatures will also give a boost to local businesses with people expected to make the most of the much-needed sunshine to hold barbecues and enjoy days out.

Butcher Ian Narraway, from IJ Narraway in St Johns, said: “If the weather is good it gives us a massive boost for the business but also it makes everyone a lot happier.

“We have been waiting to move away from casserole meats and comfort foods and that has only really happened in the last two weeks.

“It never really happens that we are still selling stewing steak, braising and shin beef in June but it has this year because of the climate.

“What we need now is 12 weeks of good weather so we will be keeping our fingers crossed.”