A WORCESTER referee who once suffered at the hands of bullies at school has turned his own experiences into a novel.

Michael LeFevre is best known as a referee for the University of Worcester's American Football games, a supply teacher at Newbridge Short Stay School and also someone who works with adults with Asperger’s Syndrome.

But the former US marine, who is originally from New Jersey, America, and now lives in Gloucestershire, decided to look back at his life and draw from his own experiences at school and those of the people he works with today for his second book.

He Was Weird explores the life of character Marvin Leversee, who moves with his family to Ramsgate, New Jersey, where he is seen to be different, as he has Asperger’s Syndrome and is bullied. After three years the character goes to school one day with a couple of guns and does the unthinkable.

“Nearly every time I read about a school shooting, the first thought that pops into my head is that this could have been me,” says Mr LeFevre, who was bullied for three years from the fifth grade, or Year 6.

“He Was Weird is based on the three years of hell I suffered when I lived in that town, the difference being I never shot up the school.

“When I began writing the story, I decided right from the start to give the main character Asperger’s Syndrome and a condition known as Deficiencies in Attention, Motor Skills and Perception.

“The thinking behind this is twofold. One, I believe that I have the conditions to a lesser degree. “Because of that, the second reason is that I strongly feel that more awareness is needed about them.

“While I hope people enjoy reading He Was Weird, I also hope it will open people’s minds to the many issues brought up in it. “There is much scope for discussion and debate and I hope the story is a catalyst for both.”