PEOPLE living in a Worcester suburb have been warned to be on their guard against car crime “because they have more items worth stealing”.

The warning was delivered to those living in Warndon Villages by PC Wayne Hurley, Safer Neighbourhood Team officer at Warndon.

He was speaking during a presentation to Warndon Parish Council on Monday night where it was revealed car crime in Warndon Villages is an issue.

“There is always going to be a risk of that in Warndon Villages because you have got more stuff worth taking,” said PC Hurley.

“We had three car thefts in the villages last month.”

PC Hurley said there were 12 instances of anti-social behaviour in the Warndon and Warndon Villages areas during December, with one burglary.

He is also aware, he said, of a speed issue in the villages, particularly on Woodgreen Drive and Plantation Drive.

On the same subject, councillors heard from the area’s county councillor, Andy Roberts, who has been leading calls for a 20mph zone on non-feeder roads in the villages.

He said a recent presentation to Worcestershire County Council on the idea was “well received”.

“It was appreciated that our area could provide an excellent pilot for the county,” he said.

Meanwhile, a mobile camera recorded drivers travelling above the 30mph limit in Warndon Villages received 23,306 hits during December when it was stationed on Dugdale Drive.

The device doesn’t record exact speeds, driver or car details and can’t be used for prosecutions.

Almost 28,000 motorists were recorded by the VAS (Vehicle Activated Signing) device exceeding 30mph along Plantation Drive in November while almost 40,000 ‘hits’ were recorded on the same road in March 2013.