A WORCESTER politician is in the clear after allegations she used city council resources to promote the Labour Party.

Councillor Lynn Denham has been given a clean slate after the authority decided she did nothing wrong in her campaign to stop a lap dancing club opening in The Butts.

Coun Denham, who sits in the decision making cabinet, sent a letter to residents last year urging them to speak out against the controversial club.

It was sent on personalised city council letter headed paper, and urged people to contact Labour campaigner Adam Scott if they shared his concerns, for advice.

Mr Scott is a former director at Blackburn Council with experience of licensing law.

After a complaint was made an investigation took place just before Christmas.

Under the council’s Code of Conduct, elected councillors are banned from using internal resources for political purposes.

They are also barred from using their high-ranking positions to secure advantages for other people.

The investigation found that although there was a technical breach of the Code of Conduct, the council does not have a policy in place for politicians using personalised sheets.

It means she is effectively in the clear, with no reprisals from it, nor will she be asked to undertake any training or apologise.

All politicians get sheets of personalised paper after election, which they can send out to constituents.

The saga first came to light in September, which led to Councillor Adrian Gregson, the leader, angrily insisting there was a “witch hunt” and “smear campaign” against her.

Coun Denham, who is cabinet member for community engagement, said: “I am relieved this investigation is at an end and want to carry on being a good councillor and doing my job the best I can.

“I wanted to use the sheets of paper to allow people to take part in the consultation and received no training as to when it was appropriate to use it.

“I do still have concerns over the potential for witch hunts and the cost of investigating it was considerably in excess of the sheets of notepaper.”

In the end, the lap dancing proposal at the old Funk nightclub at The Butts was scrapped after a businessman pulled out.

The county council, University of Worcester and nearby residents all objected on the grounds it was opposite The Hive, a family-friendly facility.