WORCESTER Green Party has selected its candidate for the 2015 General Election - and insists it intends to push Robin Walker all the way.

Louis Stephen, one of the branch’s most influential figures, has been confirmed as the man to take on the city’s current Tory MP.

The selection of the 47-year-old, who lives in Bath Road, comes at a time when the Greens are enjoying record levels of popularity in the city.

It now has two politicians at Worcestershire County Council for the first time ever following last summer’s elections, and one city councillor in Neil Laurenson.

The Green vote is also expected to be a crucial factor in whether Mr Walker retains Worcester or loses to Labour’s Joy Squires.

Mr Walker has a tiny 2,982 majority and a swing of just three per cent is required for Councillor Squires to take it from him.

Mr Stephen, 47, a father-of-two said: “Many people in Worcester have lost patience with the old party politics - they don't like confrontational point scoring.

“People often say to me that all the politicians and parties seem the same these days.

“I am standing at the next election to show that positive campaigning is possible and also to offer a real alternative to Labour and the Conservatives and their outriders, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

“With no ties to big business or other vested interests, the Green Party is the only party that will fight for a fairer world.”

He said maintaining public transport, giving cycling and walking a higher priority and creating more energy efficient housing are key policies.

Mr Stephen, an engineering graduate who works in management, will be looking for a far better result than in the 2010 General Election, when he got just 735 votes and finished sixth.

This time around, with the political landscape very different, he is expected to take some votes off the Conservatives and Labour.

Mr Walker said: “Louis is a lovely guy and someone I like and respect from the last campaign.

“The Greens do have an agenda and I suspect many people don’t realise how left wing they actually are.”