FIREFIGHTERS in Droitwich stopped two fires becoming very serious thanks to the quick actions of the crews.

Crews tackled a blaze at a distribution centre where spilt oil could have spread the flames across a warehouse and at a Land Rover garage workshop where a car had caught fire threatening to spread to 15 others.

The first saw Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service attend a fire in a high reach forklift truck at 9.50am on Sunday morning.

The truck was inside a high bay warehouse at Atchison Topeka, in Pointon Way, Hampton Lovett, which filled with smoke and had to be evacuated.

Two crews from Droitwich fire station attended the incident and sent in a breathing apparatus crew to deal with the fire which was thought to be caused by the battery of the truck developing an electrical fault.

Station commander Alan Haley, Station said there was a large quantity of burning oil on the floor that had leaked from the burning battery and could have spread to the packaging and stored goods in the warehouse had the crews not dealt with the fire promptly.

After having to evacuate, the distribution centre reopened yesterday morning for workers.

Droitwich crews also attended a fire at just before 2.30pm on Sunday at the Land Rover Garage, in Kidderminster Road, involving a fire in a workshop and one car on fire, with the potential to spread to a further 15 cars.

Ten firefighters were breathing apparatus went into the workshop to attempt to improve firefighting conditions before it could be properly tackled.

Mr Haley said: “Due to the quick intervention of the crews and good firefighting procedures the fire prevented from spreading to other areas of the building and thus saved the loss of the building and vehicles”.