WITH the temperatures plunging, people are being asked to report any water leaks before they turn into an ice rink.

Severn Trent Water has asked people to help tackle leaks and bursts in the cold weather along its network of pipes.

Malcolm Whittaker, who has been finding and fixing leaks across Worcestershire for over 28 years, said: "The weather has turned cold and we’re often seeing frost in the morning.

"We take leakage very seriously and we want to bring leakage levels down as much as possible so that water isn’t wasted.

"This is particularly important when it’s cold as leaks can turn to ice and become very dangerous to the public.

"In many cases, we don’t know where leaks are until our customers report them.

"Please don’t assume we already know about the burst or leak, even if it is a large one, particularly in rural areas where it’s possible for leaks to run for days without being noticed."

Each leak or burst is repaired on a priority basis, with those affecting Severn Trent customers’ water supply fixed first. Anyone who spots a leak should call 0800 783 4444 or online at www.stwater.co.uk/reportaleak.