A WOMAN is facing a painful recovery from a hip replacement after falling while on a bus in Worcester.

Deborah Jones, of Wordsworth Avenue, Perdiswell, was coming back from a Christmas visit in Birmingham last month when she fell as the bus came to a stop in Droitwich Road.

The 64-year-old was on the number 144 First bus with her husband Bob, was unable to grab hold of the rail when she fell heavily as the bus jolted just before stopping.

West Midlands Ambulance was called to the incident on December 27 which left Mrs Jones with a broken hip.

She was taken to Worcester Royal Hospital that evening and had to have a hip replacement three days later.

Her husband Bob, 70, said while he had been able to steady himself as the bus jolted, his wife was not so lucky.

"We felt we were slowing down as he was near the stop," he said. "We started to get out of our seats and the bus gave a lurch and started up again and it seemed to jolt and it sent us flying.

"Deb made a grab at the rail but she missed it."

Mr Jones said they were shocked to hear his wife needed an operation following the fall, which they thought had left her with just a pulled muscle.

"A hip replacement as never occurred to Deb," he said. "We were both appalled, we couldn't' believe it. "She couldn't move, she had to be taken off the bus by ambulance. But we never thought for a moment she had broken anything. It was quite a shock.

"She's going to be laid up for more than 10 weeks as the result of the accident."

Mr Jones said despite the driver filling in an accident report , he was yet to hear back from First despite emailing them, and had not received an apology.

"I've continued to contact First," he said. "I don't know why they are taking quite so much time. They have a report of the accident because the driver made one. Clearly it was unlucky. We were the only ones that were hurt on the bus."

Steve Zanker, general manager for First Worcester, said: "We are aware of the incident and this will be dealt with through our investigation process.

"We have also been in contact with Mr and Mrs Jones and will continue to liaise with them and provide appropriate help and support."