A BELIEVER in the impossible and life in outer space is looking for a new home for her space memorabilia.

As a member of Skyscan, Margaret Webb of St John's, Worcester, has spent nights camping out under the stars with her life-long friend Keith and other space enthusiasts looking for proof that UFOs and aliens are among us.

She said: "We never could make up our minds what we were looking at but it was good fun.

"There was a time when I was sitting in my garden at around 9pm looking up at the sky and at the Plough and something was going over or under it. It felt like it was going slow and it didn't have any lights on it but the stars suddenly went out one by one."

She also said another member of her group had seen an alien in their house and knew how crop circles were created.

The 74-year-old's sky searching friend passed away and left his collection of all things space to her which she now wants to pass on to someone else as she is planning to downsize.

The collection includes a model moon landing, USA space shuttle, pictures of rockets and more.

Anyone interested in the collection can email Margaret Webb on margaretwebbphoria@gmail.com.