PARENTS have received a letter from the academy in charge of Perry Wood Primary School saying it is "unable to give more detail" about its missing headteacher.

A mother of a child at the school said the letter "did not tell them anything" about why Ange Beddow had not been seen in the school since the middle of December.

It is the first time the Griffin Schools Trust has acknowledged that Mrs Beddow is not at the school after anxious parents contacted your Worcester News concerned about the lack of information from the trust, which sponsors the school on St Albans Close.

But the letter has done little to answer any of their questions.

It said: "The head teacher is not in school at the moment.

"We are unable to give more detail at the present but as soon as we are able we will do so."

It went on to say that the day-to-day running of the school would not be affected and that Tracy Kelly-Freer would be leading the school during Mrs Beddow's absence.

It continued: "She and other teachers are not able to answer questions but governors and GST (Griffin Schools Trust) will inform parents as soon as it is possible to do so.

"We ask for your trust and understanding at this time."

Political reporter Tom Edwards spoke to education secretary Michael Gove on his recent visit to the city to demand answers about why parents have been left in the dark by the academy.