BOXES of food were collected for the Worcester Foodbank by generous staff during their charity fun week.

Workmates at managed to collect 145 kilos of food after seeing a collection at a Tesco supermarket.

Amy Wright, content manager at, based in Perdiswell, said: “We were inspired to not only donate food, but also get involved ourselves.

"On a personal level, I found out recently that someone I know had needed to use the Foodbank to help them through a financial crisis, which made it hit home even more how many people need this kind of help.

“The Trussell Trust Foodbank network of over 430 Foodbanks is a great charity for donators too because sometimes you don't feel you have spare money to give to charity but you nearly always have a tin of vegetables or fruit at the back of your cupboard that you can do without.”

The donation was gratefully received by Colin Whitehead, manager of the food bank based on Carden Close.

He said: “These are difficult times especially for low income families, this winter many will have to choose between heating or feeding their children.

"All donations are always welcome and make a huge difference to people in crisis, giving them hope for the future.“

For more information about donating to Worcester Foodbank log on to