PEOPLE can join in an art hunt to discover if a painting hanging on a living room wall is a forgotten masterpiece.

Auction house Biddle and Webb has launched The Great Lost Art Hunt to find and identify important, unrecognised works of art.

Art experts from the company believe there are hundreds, if not thousands, of significant and highly valuable artworks hanging in homes and offices across the country, but their owners have no idea what they have.

People can snap a close-up picture of their paintings to find out if the have an undiscovered masterpiece and send it to, visit or text the picture to 07880 385 845.

If there is a signature on the painting, a close-up photograph should also be sent as well as any additional information about the history of the artwork.

Jeremy Thornton of Biddle and Webb, said: “Traditionally it's been so time-consuming or impractical to get artwork assessed by an expert that most people just haven't bothered.

"But smartphones now make it so quick and easy that we really believe we now have the perfect way to identify the lost masterpieces we're sure are hanging undiscovered on walls across the country."

The Great Lost Art Hunt is nationwide and will run until Monday, March 31.