A WORCESTER journalism graduate made a newspaper about himself to be named as one of two Birmingham Graduate Apprentice winners.

Dan Malin, of Stourbridge, said his studies at the University of Worcester gave him the confidence he needed to beat almost 200 applicants in the region in interview stages and a presentation on himself to be selected by the Birmingham Future scheme.

He said: "Throughout the interview process, I outlined my interest in Marketing and Communications, because I believed that, with it being quite a business-orientated scheme, there wouldn’t be too many journalists in the running, and that this would be a good way to make myself stand out.

“I also played to this strength in the final presentation, by creating a newspaper about myself and giving a copy to each of the four interviewers.”

Since being named as one of the winners of the scheme which gives skilled graduates the opportunity to work for some top businesses in the area, the 21-year-old has been creating adverts, marketing campaigns, press releases, news stories and filling his contact book with athletes, businesses, volunteer organisations and sports clubs.

Mr Malin said the opportunity has given him an "incredible platform" to start building his career but that his time at the university had taught him to make the most of the chances he got.

"The University of Worcester, and the Journalism course in particular, encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone,” he said.

“That has been invaluable so far, and has prepared me for being thrust into situations, having to think on your feet and make yourself comfortable in any given scenario."

Claire Wolfe, subject leader in journalism, said all students were encouraged to get involved in the industry from their first year.

"Dan seized every opportunity to take part in extra activities while on the course and has an impressive CV,"she said.

To find out more about the Graduate Apprentice Scheme, visit birminghamfuture.co.uk/graduate-apprentice.