A FEARLESS and fun-loving otter may be a frequent visitor to Worcester says the man who took this otterly brilliant picture.

Robin Wylde, a retired firefighter from Northwick, Worcester, lived up to name when he took this picture on October 28 last year next to the Barbourne Brook, overlooking the river Severn near the Pump House.

We reported how a bold one-eyed otter had been spotted recently in Gheluvelt Park, near where this otter was sighted.

Mr Wylde said: "I was walking along next to the river when the otter just popped up right next to me, about two metres below me.

"When I got my camera out it disappeared, and when I put away and about to go about five minutes later, it floated past with a 'I had you' smirk on its face.

It then kept going up and down stream next to the wall there right underneath me, even with my dog at my side, which was very inquisitive. This allowed me time to take photos.

"I was watching it for about twenty minutes all together, before it went off with a fish in its mouth.

I mentioned it to a few people over the next few days and they said they had seen it as well.

I thought I had seen it about a year before, crossing the river, but I wasn't close enough to see if was an otter and thought it might have been the seal."