STAFF from three Worcester pharmacies will promote healthy hearts by taking part in a sponsored walkathon.

Ten workers from Scales Pharmacy, which has branches in Upper Tything, Ronkswood and Astwood Road, will walk nearly five miles across the Malvern Hills to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Hayley Marshall, a dispenser at the Upper Tything branch, said: "Since we've been registered as a healthy living pharmacy we get monthly promotions and for the month of February the focus is on the heart.

"I was working out what to do for the window display and I thought about the walk.

"I wanted to do the Race for Life last year but didn't and I thought it's a great way to give to charity.

"Why not incorporate the British Heart Foundation in with this charity walk and raise some money?"

The group have chosen their walk on the advice of a colleague who regularly walks across the Malvern Hills and will set off on Saturday, February 22.

They have so far been pledged £160 and hope to raise at least £500 across the three pharmacies.

Mrs Marshall said anyone wanting to donate anything from 50p to £500 could do so by visiting the pharmacies.