BABY girls born in a suburb of Worcester can expect to live longer than almost anyone else in the country.

Figures revealed by Public Health England this week revealed the life expectancy for women born in the Lyppard Grange area of Warndon Villages is 95.3 years – joint fourth highest in the UK with Grange Park in Swindon.

It is believed the findings refer to the entirety of the Warndon area of Worcester rather than the specific suburb of Lyppard Grange, but a spokesman from Public Health England said the organisation was unable to determine which specific area of the city was included in the figures.

Women born in Marlow in Wycombe can expect to live slightly longer at 95.7 years while a record number of birthday cards from the Queen are delivered to those from the Beggarwood area of Basingstoke, where the life expectancy is 104.3.

Northburn in Northumberland topped the list, where women can expect to live to the grand old age of 105.

"I think it's good news," said Lauren Cartwright, 30, a mother to a two-and-a-half year-old girl born in Warndon Villages.

"It's a lovely area to live in with lots of green spaces where children can get out and about."

County councillor Andy Roberts, whose ward covers Warndon Villages, also says he's not surprised by the Worcester results.

"We're a relatively affluent society when you look at earnings per household," said Cllr Roberts.

"Academic achievement is high, too.

"I think one of the reasons for the results is that the Villages has a relatively young population who are, perhaps, less likely to take risks."

Worcestershire County Council, however, urged caution over the figures.

"The estimated relative life expectancy from birth for women in Lyppard Grange is 95.3 years, 13 years longer than the English national average," said Cllr Marcus Hart, cabinet member for Health and Well-being.

"Looking at figures at a very local level should be used with caution as the population sizes tend to be too small to give representative figures.

"Overall, Worcestershire has a life expectancy higher than the English national average with small pockets of variation being below and above the national average.

"One of the Health and Well-being board's aims is to narrow the differences in health outcomes across the county including life expectancy and focus the core of our work in the areas that need it most."

Nationally, the highest average age for men is 97.7 for those born in Knightsbridge, Westminster.

The worst places to be born for women are Holme Wood in Bradford, where the life expectancy is 72.5 years along with Patricroft in Salford at 72.9 and west Hull at 73 years.

Men born in Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, can expect to live to just 66.5 years while the life expectancy for those from the Radford area of Nottingham is only 67, followed by Grange Park in Blackpool at 67.3.

Public Health England’s chief knowledge officer John Newton said life expectancy had increased by 3.2 years for men and 2.4 years for women from 2000 to 2012.