A DRIVER who hit a garden wall while trying to park his van refused to provide a breath test after onlookers believed him to be drunk.

People who heard the sound of the collision came out of their homes and described how Mitchell Parrish kept 'bouncing' back and forth in his vehicle trying to park it on Gillam Street, Worcester, at 0.45am on Sunday, July 14.

Jackie Rogers, prosecuting, said the owner of the garden wall went out to talk to Parrish, who also lived on the road when the offence occurred.

She said: "The owner confronted the defendant and came to the conclusion he was drunk. He continued to drive his vehicle to and fro trying to park it.

"The police arrived at 0.55am and he fled on foot."

After searching the surrounding area, the 25-year-old driver was seen coming out of his house with a can of Strongbow. Police asked him where he had been and he stated he had been at home all night.

"He was asked if he had been driving his car that night and he said he had parked it up at 8pm then changed it to 11pm. They realised the engine was still hot and he was asked to provide a breath test after they smelled it on him," she added.

Parrish was taken to the police station where he failed to provide a specimen.

In mitigation, David Ollivere said Parrish, who now lives in Aragon Court, Droitwich, did provide a test at the roadside, which stated he had 86mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

He said: "He accepts the circumstances and at the time he failed to provide he did make some offer to do so and did provide a breath test on the roadside of 86 and the reason he could not provide at the station was that he went to his doctor and had an undiagnosed case of asthma."

The self-employed painter and decorator who relied on his van for work had his driving licence taken off him for 24 months when he pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen for analysis at Worcester Magistrates Court on Monday, January 27.

Chairman of the magistrates Ken Knight also imposed a 12-month community order as well as £200 in court costs and a £60 victim surcharge.