TWO fitness instructors from Malvern Splash will be taking to the air tomorrow (Saturday, February 1) when they make their first-ever parachute jump.

Elise Dodd, aged 21, of Broadwas, near Worcester, and Taylor Purlsow, 19, of Barnards Green, Malvern, will be making their leap into the unknown 13,000 feet above an airfield near Banbury.

The duo are making the jump to raise money for Megan Baker House, a charity providing free conductive education services at its centre in Leominster for children, teenagers and adults with special educational needs and physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, head injuries and strokes.

"We visited the centre and saw all the good work they do there and that's when we decided to support it," said Miss Dodd.

"Neither of us has done a parachute jump before and we're both absolutely petrified."

The two initially set themselves a target of £500, but they have already exceeded that. "Whatever we get will be good for the cause, so we'll be happy with any support," she said.