IT SEEMS that love is still in the air for romantic couples who have continued to chain their declarations of everlasting love on to Sabrina Bridge.

More colourful love locks have been left by lovers on the bridge which crosses the river Severn at Hylton Road and Pitchcroft since it first featured in your Worcester News in September.

There were just six padlocks on the bridge at the time but that has now grown to nearly 30 locks which has delighted the three football fans who hoped to bring the tradition to the city .

West Bromwich Albion fans Craig Finn, Richard Morse and Steve Mcdornell visited love lock sites in Austria and Slovenia following a European trip to watch their team play a pre-season friendly in July.

Mr Finn, from Broomhall, said he was really surprised that it had taken off so quickly.

"When we discussed the idea on West Brom’s pre-season tour in Austria, we speculated that it’d be great if we left our own locks in Worcester and this led to something similar to what you see on the continent.

"But I never thought it would grow this fast though and really hope it continues to.

"I wonder if we can get inspired to bring another cultural trend back to Worcester from West Brom’s 2014 pre-season tour.

"Who knows what could come next - gondoliers on Worcester canal?"

The eye-catching locks certainly catch the attention of passers-by but Mr Finn, aged 44, has yet to visit the bridge to see the new locks.

However Mr Mcdornell, from Warndon Villages, said he often took his son Charlie to the bridge to look at the new additions.

"I think the response has been great thanks to the coverage the paper gave it.

"We're glad people have seen the symbolism of the lock and used it as a gesture to loved ones past and present.

"I noticed there was a commemorative lock on there to someone who had passed away and that was a very moving sight.

"know I'll be adding at least another one in the future, maybe two, to celebrate a special occasion or someone's life.

"It's a brilliant way of showing your love and respect for someone and always nice to go and visit."