VISITORS to a National Trust property near Pershore can now discover a world of nature at its new bird hide.

Following a very generous donation to build a bird hide in Croome Court last year, the spot has become increasingly popular for families to visit.

Katherine Alker, garden and parks manager, said it was a fun activity for families to do at Croome.

"Children love to try and spot something from our bird guides displays displayed inside the hide and sharing their sightings on the whiteboards," she said. "There's usually an appearance from a squirrel or two."

The hide, secreted in a quiet spot in Croome's Church Shrubbery, is a great way for families to spend a while watching the birds flocking on to the feeding stations through the one-way glass.

Volunteer Pat Griffin said: "We have recorded nearly 80 types of birds last year, including a few rare visitors.

"From the hide visitors are regularly reporting Woodpeckers, Pheasants, Nuthatches and Treecreepers, as well as three types of finch and four tits.

"Elsewhere in the park we often see larger birds like Kestrel and Buzzard, Comorant and Heron as well as seasonal visitors like the large flocks of Swallows and Housemartins, Fieldfares and Redwings.

"And if you're lucky you might spot the flash of a Kingfisher, catch the springtime call of a Curlew or even hear the exquisite Nightingale."

Visitors can learn more about Croome's feathered friends at a free event on Sunday, February 23 from 11am to 4pm.