THE fight to keep Pershore's bus services is still going strong as a group of town residents and villagers proved when they gathered to stand against the proposed cuts.

Bus users from the Combertons, Elmley Castle and Wick joined Pershore Mayor Charles Tucker and County Councillor Liz Tucker to register their support against the cuts.

And despite the consultation period having ended on Friday, January 17, campaigners handed in an extra petition with a further 400 signatures on - in addition to a petition of 1,200 already put to Worcestershire County Council.

Coun Tucker said: "We had more signatures and we wanted the people from the villages to make their point.

"We feel its important to keep the pressure on right up until they make a decision."

Campaigners have been battling to save vital routes around the town and nearby villages since the possible cull of bus services was announced by Worcestershire County Council in October as part of a bid to save £98 million by 2017.

The next stage will take place on Thursday (February 6) when the executive board of the county council will make a proposal on the budget for the coming years, but this won't be set in stone until it is approved by the full council.

Coun Tucker added: "Hopefully the executive board will change their mind but if they don't there will still be a chance.

"Pershore’s Buses are very important for the villages around the town. They bring people in for shopping, health appointments, employment and to visit friends.

"Pershore shops would be hit if the buses stop, people would not be able to get to work and many elderly people would be isolated in their homes.

"We’re calling on the county council not to cut the funding that keeps these services running. It’s one of the things we pay our council tax for."