THE FUTURE looks bright for a church which has just been awarded a grant for energy efficient lights.

The grant will provide energy saving lighting, also good for the environment, illuminating the Chancel and Sanctuary area of Saint George's Church, in Barbourne.

Rev Jo Musson, Parish Priest, said: "We are delighted with this grant which has enabled us to really brighten up the whole chancel area. The benefits are being eco-friendly, a good thing for the planet, and being a huge plus for Saint George’s as a venue for concerts and productions."

The Friends of Saint George's Church secured the funding from Welcome to the Future, an organisation dedicated to sustainable development which orchestrates the Severn Waste Management Fund in Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

This is the second grant the Friends have secured from Welcome To The Future, after receiving funding to make improvements to the church's lights to facilitate meetings, concerts and exhibitions, in 2009.