A PARISH council has vowed to keep tabs on a controversial £8 million revamp of the A4440 Ketch island.

The work is due to start by April and will see the roundabout off the A38 Bath Road double in size but St Peter's Parish Council's vice-chairman, councillor Mike Johnson, says they will seek clearer information about exactly what the project will involve.

He also wants to know what its impact on Power Park, off Broomhall Way, and local residents will be.

Cllr Johnson, who is due to meet the contractors again on Fariday, said: "We need to try and find out how we can mitigate the impact of the scheme."

He added the council's contractors had laid out a number of different markers on the land to indicate where the future carriageway would be and the amount of access the workers would need to the green space.

"Importantly, if we can get an agreement with county and the landscapers of what they need to do, we could mitigate some potential impacts of the scheme. Hopefully we can come out with a scheme that's better for everyone."

The project, which will take a year to complete, will also see the creation of a new slip-road for drivers turning left to head up the A4440 Southern Link Road towards Norton island, as part of plans to part-dual the route by 2018.

In total the work will cost £38 million.

Worcestershire County Council has already said it is considering creating an acoustic fence to ease noise congestion from the extra lane, while plans to remove a grassy bank by Begonia Close have been criticised.