WORCESTER MP Robin Walker took part in a conference around fairer schools funding in parliament today.

Teachers, governors, parents, councillors and around 20 MPs took part in a major event at the commons to press the case for more schools cash.

The issue has dominated education in Worcestershire for years, and only last month education secretary Michael Gove visited Worcester to insist schools will see a change before 2015.

The conference included input from the f40 campaign group, of which Mr Walker is vice-chair.

Out of 151 local authorities nationwide Worcestershire is the 146th worst funded, and each pupil gets more than £1,000 less cash than their counterparts in Birmingham.

Mr Walker said: "I have made this issue one of the cornerstones of my career as an MP and I am very proud of the progress that we have achieved. "For decades f40 was seen as a protest group but largely ignored by Governments.

"The last Government promised to look at the formula but never did.

"This Government has accepted our case that the current formula is fundamentally flawed and promised to take steps to correct it. I will hold them to that.”

“I was thrilled when Michael Gove confirmed that fairer funding is on its way to Worcestershire but today’s conference will set out how schools, parents, local authorities and governors can help to press the case for change to be delivered as soon as possible.

"I am looking forward to a lively debate and more positive progress for a campaign that is now firmly winning the argument."

The funding formula is being revised so it hands out school money in a fairer way.