WHILE most young people are posting videos of themselves drinking alcohol and carrying out a dare, one teenager decided to do something more kind with his "neknomination".

Kyle Hutchens chose not to follow the crowd when he was nominated by a friend to take part in the online drinking game and instead treated a homeless man to a meal.

He shunned the usual dares to film himself giving the man, named Simon and sat in a sleeping bag outside Marks and Spencer on Worcester High Street, a McDonald's meal.

Thousands of videos of people drinking, doing a dare then nominating friends, known as neck and nominate or neknomination, have been posted to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Two men, Stephen Brooks and Ross Cummings, are thought to be the first people to die in the UK after taking part in the drinking game which has been criticised by health officials.

The 17-year-old from Martley said he had seen all the negative press surrounding the craze and decided to do something different with his nomination.

"I've been quite concious that it has been in the news and a lot of my friends are doing it, it's a big craze at the moment.

"A friend nominated me and I thought it was a bit of a silly thing to do, making a fool of yourself then posting it on Facebook so I decided to do something else instead.

"I gave it some thought and decided to use my nomination for something good."

Kyle, who is studying at Worcester Sixth Form College, decided to buy a Big Mac, fries and fizzy drink and donated it to a homeless man he had seen a few times in Worcester City Centre.

Filming himself, he walks up to the man and offers him the food before the pair shake hands.

Kyle, who hopes to go to university in September, said: "He was very grateful.

"I have nominated some friends and I am hoping they will do something positive too."

His parents Paul and Tracey said they were very proud of his decision to do some good with his neknomination.

Mrs Hutchens said: "He came home and was fiddling with his phone so I asked what he was doing.

"He uploaded the video to Facebook then showed me what he had done. I was very, very proud.

"It would be great if other kids do the same thing if they are nominated.

"Kyle is very sensible and conscious of the homeless people in the city.

"I am very proud of him turning something negative into something positive.

"You're kids will be your kids whatever age and he is off to uni in September so he will be out in the big wide world where he will hopefully remain sensible."