THE search of a woman to discover more about her uncle is the subject of the next Bishampton History Society meeting.

The story of Maggie Tohill's search to discover more about her mother’s brother, who died in World War II, will be heard on Thursday, March 20, at Throckmorton Village Hall.

During her talk she will relate how she discovered that her uncle was buried in a town called Lessines in Belgium where he died defending it in May 1940 in the days leading up the Dunkirk evacuation.

Ms Tohill, who works at Worcester Record Office, said: "I have dabbled a bit in family history a bit since then, but it was this particular person's story which grabbed me, because I had hadn't even known he existed till that day his story was told to me.

"All I had to go on was a name and a service number, but bit by bit I was able to piece together the story of Albert's last days and find out about the uncle I never knew I had."

The talk is open to non-members for £2 and will begin at 7.30pm. For details about Bishampton History Society, please visit