DEVOTED husbands and wives renewed their vows to one another in Pershore Abbey as part of a world record breaking attempt.

There were 29 couples who took part in the event at the Abbey as part of an attempt to break the Guinness Record for the number of couple re-dedicating their marriage at one time.

It is thought the Big Promise event will set a new world record for the number of couples doing this simultaneously.

Amongst the couples who renewed their wedding vows at the special Big Promise service was Laurence and Jean Croft from Pershore who were married in 1949 and will celebrate their 65 anniversary on May 21.

Colin Reeves, who helped to organise the event, said: "There was a happy, party atmosphere, good music from our organist Mike Pegg and everyone sang lustily Love Divine, all loves excelling."

Across the country more than 1,400 couples joined together to reaffirm their wedding vows in over 70 venues.

The national coordinator for the Big Promise, Dave Percival, said: "The simplicity and dignity of each BIG Promise ceremony held sends a clear message.

"The vows are the essential part of being married – not the fancy wedding, amazing reception, or exotic honeymoon. Marriage matters to every one of these couples, and should matter to all of us in society as the bedrock of stable family life."