HUNDREDS of cannabis plants have been discovered by police in Evesham leading to the arrest of two people.

The large cannabis cultivation set up was uncovered after information was received from the community.

Officers from the Evesham Safer Neighbourhoods Team then raided a flat in Victoria Avenue on Monday morning (February 17) to find 350 plants were discovered.

Of all the plants 240 were seedlings and 93 mature, with some in the process of being cropped.

Harvested cannabis bush was seized at the flat as well as some other drugs, believed to be amphetamines.

Two people, a man and a woman both in their 20s, were arrested at the scene and, after being questioned by officers, were bailed pending forensic analysis of the seized drugs.

Sergeant Phil Stayte, of the Evesham Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "The team has been actively engaged in investigating the location of cannabis production within our community and taking steps to disrupt it.

"This was a professional set up using thousands of pounds worth of specialist growing equipment to produce a crop with a potential yield worth tens of thousands of pounds at street value.

"To power the equipment needed for such a criminal enterprise would have taken a lot of electricity and, as is common with these set ups, they had bypassed the meter to illegally extract power from the mains.

"I would like to thank those members of the public who passed on to the police their suspicions about the flat in Victoria Avenue."

Anyone with similar information for the police should call 101.