A HEALTH leadership programme will be rolled out as part of a regional pilot course.

Health Education West Midlands, the body responsible for educating and training health and public health workers, has asked West Midlands Ambulance Service to extend its Engaging Leaders Programme from March.

The aim of the programme, which was set up and is run by the service's head of organisational development Barbara Kozlowska in May 2010, is to develop emerging healthcare leaders at Band 6 level to release the full potential of healthcare organisations.

This is done by role-modelling the future behaviours of the NHS so patients and wider stakeholders experience staff who are enthusiastic, motivated and professional.

Once enrolled on the 12-month programme, participants will work through a number of modules which include being effective at work, improving performance at work, leading change and improvement, and managing and monitoring service delivery.

This will be done across 10 one-day development days as well as through participants’ own time with the use of a virtual learning system.