A MAN had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped between a wall and a shed for two hours in Worcester.

Steve Thomas suffered hypothermia and grazes to his body in the fall which happened while he was cutting some fir trees back at his parent’s house in Little Chestnut Street, Arboretum.

The 34-year-old, who is currently living with his parents, slipped and became wedged in a 15” gap between the back of a large shed and a wall.

Firefighters from Worcester Blue Watch Fire Station, supported by an Urban search and rescue (USAR) team from Droitwich, were called just before 10am yesterday and had to carefully remove part of the wall brick by brick to release him.

His mum Elaine, 60, said she was shaken up by the incident after trying in vain to rescue her son with her husband Roger, for an hour before calling the fire brigade.

“Our next door neighbour is putting some fencing up and we thought we would cut some trees down,” she said. “I was just holding the ladder and I turned around and he was gone.

“He tried to get out but there’s a lot of rubbish in the gap. He got stuck on it, he’s a big lad, he’s 6”3.

“We tried for an hour to get him out but in the end we realised we couldn’t.

“We just couldn’t get him out. He got cold by then because he had been there long enough.”

Mrs Thomas, who was visibly shaken by what had happened, said she was relieved her son was not badly injured.

“I was shaking like a leaf,” she said.

“The fire brigade were marvellous.

Thank you to them and the medical staff. They were brilliant.”

Her husband Roger, added he was relieved his son was safe.

“I couldn’t get at him to pull him back up, He was sort of jammed,”

he said. “It was claustrophobic.”

When Your Worcester News spoke to Mr and Mrs Thomas, Steve was still being checked over as a precaution at Worcester Royal Hospital but was set to return home yesterday evening.

Watch Commander Dave Bliston, of Worcester Fire Station, said crews used hand tools to rescue him.

“He had been down there for some time,” he said.

“We took the wall down brick by brick while giving him first aid.”