THE work of a University of Worcester Fine Art graduate is currently on show in a major regional exhibition.

Sarah Sehra’s work is being displayed at Birmingham’s Grand Union gallery as part of the 2014 New Art West Midlands exhibition, which is showcasing the work of 24 recent graduates from universities across the region.

The 27-year-old, who graduated with a first class degree in Fine Art last year, said it is a subject she has always been passionate about.

“The University of Worcester prepared me to face the challenges of being an artist and aim to achieve my highest expectations," she said. "These things don’t come easily, but there is a fantastic support network in place at the University."

Since graduating, she has begun working as a self-employed artist and has developed some of the themes and approaches she first explored at university.

"Whilst developing some of my work at university, I was inspired by Icarus and the failure to take flight. "This, in turn, prompted me to explore the Moerae – also known as the Fates, three sisters who control our destiny, whose story stretches back to before Greek mythology.”

The artist has continued with this theme for a new piece of work that she was asked to create for the New Art West Midlands exhibition.

Along with this new project presented at Grand Union, another of her pieces Kullulu Kullulu will be presented at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.