HOUSEHOLDS in the Malvern Hills district that have suffered flood damage will be eligible for a £250 emergency flood grant from the council.

MHDC leader David Hughes says the grant is a way of helping residents get back on their feet after some of the most devastating floods in recent years.

The grants will be available to residents whose houses have suffered flood damage to habitable rooms. Damage to gardens, drives and garages is not covered by the scheme.

Cllr Hughes said: “We hope that this small grant might help residents towards getting back on their feet and rebuilding their lives after the terrible flooding in recent weeks.

"There will of course be other grants available from local authorities and other organisations but we felt it was important to let residents know that there is immediate access to this small grant with no paperwork or bureaucracy involved.”

Access to the grant is very straightforward: as long as flood damage can be confirmed, only bank account details will be required.

Over the past week the council has contacted most flooded households and will automatically include them in the scheme.

But anyone who thinks they are eligible and who has not yet been contacted should contact MHDC officer Gordon Morrison or 01684 862151.