THE MAGIC of the carnival filled the streets of Worcester as hundreds of onlookers got into the party atmosphere today.

A colourful array of bird, butterfly and moth costumes lit up the city centre all to the marching band of the Samba Drummers- Victorian character Winnie Bird was out on her time travelling machine once again, on the hunt for giant magnificent moths, setting the streets alive.

The birds, butterflies and moths are all part of Winnie's personal collection.

The Magnificent Moths parade was part of the Love Worcester Heritage Festival and aimed to bring the allure of museums on to the high street.

Helen Large, of Museums Worcestershire which put on the spectacle with Imagineer Productions, said: " This parade is part of the Love Worcester Festival, and is aiming to raise the profile of the wonders on exhibit at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum and The Commandery.

"People seemed to have loved it and are enjoying themselves, hundreds have turned out for it and I'm glad to see it's a real success.

"The other aim behind the parade was to boost economy in the city by bringing more people into Worcester city centre.

"This is the first time we have put on a parade of this nature and we're all so glad it's got the reception it has. It's also goes great with Worcester's current Open For Business campaign, nothing highlights that point better than a parade through the town centre."

Jane Hytch, CEO of Imagineers Productions, said: "It's great to be part of this wonderful event and to bring the magic of museums on to the streets to show people the truly great artifacts Worcester museums have on display.

"The performers all put on a great show and we're glad the people of Worcester enjoyed it."

Before the parade got underway, there were dance and music performances across the city centre too in a day of festival fun.