YOUNG carers in Worcestershire are working to increase awareness of the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.

The Youth Support Services (YSS) Worcestershire Young Carers Project is holding a conference at St Peter’s Baptist Church in Eden Close on Wednesday, May 21.

The conference, which will run from 10am until 3.15pm, has been organised by young people careering for family members and other people in need of daily assistance and is aimed at people working in sectors and organisations involving the lives of young people.

Team manager with YSS Worcestershire Young Carers Mary Lewis said the event would examine the experiences of young carers throughout the county and the issues they face.

“We have recently been successful in securing three-year Children in Need funding for a participation project, which is about the voices of young carers being heard with decision makers,” she said. “This conference is part of that project.”

She added the project was also working to help young carers increase awareness of their work and the help they need through newsletters, social media and other platforms.

The event will include presentations from a range of figures including independent chairman of Worcestershire Local Safeguarding Children Board Diana Fulbrook, Worcestershire County Council’s strategic manager for early help and programme management Hannah Needham.

Programme operational coordinator worker for The Children’s Society’s Include programme, which works to increase awareness and support for young carers and their families, Toni-Marie Smith will also speak at the conference.

YSS was founded in 1985 as Intensive Support Scheme, aiming to support young people at risk of being sent to prison, and today helps more than 2,000 young people and their families across the West Mercia area.

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