MORE people in Worcester nibble unhealthy snacks such as cake and chocolate at their desks while shunning fruit and other healthier foods than anywhere else in the UK, new figures have revealed.

The survey results released this week showed 50 per cent of dieters in Worcester fail to meet their diet goals as a result of unhealthy snacking in the workplace.

Chocolate and cake ranked as the two most popular items people reached for to beat the hunger pangs, with fruit and low fat yogurts lagging far behind.

Boredom ranked as the number one reason for snacking, with 89 per cent of office workers in Worcester saying this was the most common reason for having something to eat, while 22 per cent said they tucked into a snack to relieve stress.

The survey by fruit snack company Fruyo, who are behind Total Greek Yoghurt, also showed 44 per cent of people in the area snacked at their desks while 11 per cent admitted to scoffing treats in secret at work.

Readers of your Worcester News took to Facebook to make their voices heard on the findings.

Sally Gleaves wrote: “When you can buy a fast food meal for less than or the same price as fruit then it’s no wonder the country is obese. Sort out the prices of the healthy food and people will be able to afford to eat it,” while Kay Smedley said: “I try to always put fruit in my child’s lunch box and they have never been allowed fizzy drinks and I have never drank them.”

Lex Hooper said: “When working for the council I'd often wander to the vending machine in hopes of something to nibble on that wouldn't be too’s full of crisps, coke and chocolate. So I would bring healthy snacks in. However it’s difficult to keep fruit there as you didn't have your own space,” while Callum Davies said: “I keep a bunch of Bananas in my desk's top drawer,” and Michelle Norma Jean Tully wrote: “Fruit and veg are really cheap if you shop around.”

People working in marketing topped the table for unhealthy snacking habits while lawyers proved themselves the most healthy, with only a quarter resorting to crisps, chocolate, cake or biscuits.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter said: “I often hear employees saying it’s difficult to eat healthily whilst they are working but it doesn’t have to be tricky.

“I’d recommend people from Worcester planning healthy, protein-rich snacks, to keep their energy levels up and temptation at bay.

“By seeing snacking as a positive element to your working day, it’ll help you to make structured, informed choices, keeping you and your diet in line.”