DEBRIS which piled up under Worcester Bridge during the recent floods has appeared again.

Worcestershire County Council and the Environment Agency joined forces to clear the rubble while the road passing over the city centre landmark was closed almost a fortnight ago.

But the same is unlikely to happen this time around after the Agency said the current debris "is not causing a flood risk".

“We have an agreement with Worcestershire County Council, Worcester City Council and the Canal & River Trust about clearing debris from the River Severn in Worcester," said an Agency spokesperson.

"The debris currently under Worcester Bridge is not causing a flood risk."

The county council says the debris is not new and has become uncovered since water levels dropped.

"(We) fully support colleagues from our partner agencies, including the Environment Agency, to investigate any measures to help prevent future flooding and to help with the current flood recovery efforts," said Cllr Anthony Blagg, cabinet member for environment.

The county council says it "made sense" to help the Agency last time while equipment was available and bridge closure in place.