PEOPLE suffering from a long-term condition or disability will be able get a personal health budget to help manage their condition.

From April, people with continuing healthcare needs who receive NHS Continuing Healthcare will be able to ask for a budget so they can plan how money is spent on their treatment. From October , people will have a right to the budget and will not need to request one.

The personal health budgets will be set amount of money to help pay for a patient’s care and support giving them more choice and control over their care. If a patient does not wish to have those options, they can appoint a representative to decide it with their local NHS team.

Mari Gay, director of quality and patient safety for NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said the budgets were the future for the NHS.

She said: “Personal health budgets clearly fit with the future direction of the NHS, an NHS which focuses on quality, integration and gives patients’ more control and choice.

"They allow people to work with the NHS so that they can receive more personal care which fits with an individual's life and offers support that is right for them.

“It’s important to remember that although a personal health budget could help many people, it’s not perfect for everyone. Anyone interested in finding out more should talk to the health professional that they deal with most regularly.”

More information about personal health budgets can be found at