A former Olympic coach has secured the help of the deputy prime minister in his bid to get the Queen to back Worcestershire ideas on climate change.

David Train, from Fladbury, near Evesham, has worked hard to inspire politicians from around the world to sign his paddles for life to show their commitment to tackling climate change.

Mr Train came up with the idea of the Chinese dragon boat paddles at the Barcelona Olympics.

People of all ages make the paddle from a wooden sword and shield, paint on their individual designs and inspire others to sign it to pledge their support to

beating the global climate change problem.

Despite obtaining pledges from numerous politicians Mr Train believes the idea will only truly take off if America and China sign up and he thinks the Queen's influence could help gain their support.

He wrote to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, who is the Lord President of the Privy Council, and in return received a letter ensuring him that Mr Clegg would make sure the Royal Household was made aware of his request for the Queen to sign a paddle for life.

Mr Train said: "As Worcester faces its latest and ever recurring short term flooding problems perhaps these Worcestershire ideas can set the sights of the world on working together on the long term problem that affects every person on our planet."