A WORCESTER councillor has revealed that he decided to vote against the city's 2014/15 budget after being horrified at the cuts.

Councillor Neil Laurenson, from Worcester Green Party, decided to go against the Labour leadership and defy its spending plans on Tuesday night.

The surprise move came after he allowed the party into power last year in a shock coup.

He explained: "I voted against the Tories’ cuts last year and voted against Labour’s cuts this year, which included reductions to street cleansing and play equipment.

"The money from central government is being repeatedly cut and we appear to be reaching a point at which local authorities either need to make a stand, or roll over and die.

"Green councillors elsewhere in the country have suggested proposing a referendum on council tax on the basis that the public should decide.

"This could lead to more services being saved."

As your Worcester News revealed yesterday, the budget was passed this week after six hours of debate.

It includes £1.3 million towards new housing and ideas to boost the economy, but a council tax increase of 1.9 per cent and higher parking charges.

It was voted through by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.