CHILDREN from a Worcester school have shared their impressions of recent floods by writing poems and mock newspaper reports.

The year 6 pupils from St Clement's Primary School in St John's spent the week studying the events unfolding around them and used it as the basis for their creative work.

Year 6 teacher Sandra Jennings said: "Obviously as the floods have affected us in one way or another, we have undertaken lots of work based around them.

"The children wrote newspaper reports and also produced mini news programmes acting as reporters, victims and weather presenters."

Below, we publish some of the poetry which was also written by the students.

The Brown Beast.

By Ethan Bews-Pugh, Year 6

The Brown Beast, silently creeping

Sometimes when the people are sleeping.

Dashing through the town,

Tearing almost everything down.

The master of destruction.

Snatching property, like alien abduction!

Tears of sadness run down my face,

At an extremely, rapid pace.

Just like the River.

Oh, how it makes me shiver!

The Never-Ending Flood

By Ruby Hurford, Year 6

Rain constantly hammering down

As the River creeps and floods the town.

Fences and trees are getting destroyed.

Why is the rain so paranoid?

We cannot stop Mother Nature and her aim

But it’s like she’s punishing us with her cane!

It is so fierce, strong and fast.

It isn’t friendly, yet waves as it gushes past!

Some people’s houses are washed away,

As the flooding becomes stronger, day by day.

When will this treacherous disaster end?

And will it ever become our friend?

Worcester Floods.

By Jessica Goddard, Year 6.

Wet and windy, the water rises,

Overlapping the roads, giving evil surprises.

Rain won’t stop anytime soon,

Crashing and destroying like a monsoon.

Everything in it’s path will be obliterated,

Shattering everything that was ever created!

Terrifying and powerful, swallowing the earth,

Engulfing everything for all its worth.

Rivers and streams, working side by side.

Fiercely demolishing everything, far and wide.

Leaving nothing, as it rampages away.

Only the signs of its acidic spray!

Onlookers petrified, they run away and cower

Don’t underestimate its

Strength and power.

Murky Waters.

By Shane Woodman, Year 6

Murky waters

Destroying all as they go

Total destruction!

Worcester Floods

By Charmaine Chadhani, Year 6

Floods are mean, scary and cold-blooded

My mind is spooked and also flooded.

It keeps on rising, brings more pain.

But it appears as if it’s won the game.

Dirty water races into my house

It would be terrible if I were a mouse.

It crashes and bangs against the wall,

Through the corridor, and into the hall.

It swallows animals as it goes,

Rising now above my knees and toes.

The more it moves, the more it rises,

Worcester floods bring more surprises.

The floods are gulping and eating our trees,

Wanting to be as big as the seas.

Worcester floods visit everyone, like a guest.

They think they are mighty, they think they’re the best!

But they’re not!