SNARES that maim or even kill animals have come under attack in Worcester - with the city council calling for it to be outlawed.

Councillors have decided to back a bid to amend Government legislation to make snares illegal.

A motion, which was created by Worcester Green Party, was backed by politicians from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and several Conservatives.

It calls upon the current Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to be changed to snares are not allowed.

For decades, snares have been a popular way to control predators, usually foxes, but there has long been concern they injure other animals like cats, dogs, cows and badgers.

Councillor Neil Laurenson, from Worcester Green Party, said: "As stated on the the League Against Cruel Sports website most people in the UK think it is already illegal to use snares.

"It's launched a petition calling for the secretary of state for the environment Owen Paterson to ban snaring in England and Wales which has been signed by over 50,000 people.

"In the league’s view and mine, voluntary codes of practice are simply not sufficient to end the suffering caused by snares and the only way forward is to ban these cruel devices once and for all."

His call was backed by other councillors, who said a ban was long overdue.

Councillor Jo Hodges said: "As a long standing member of the League Against Cruel Sports I know they not believe snares are ineffective, but a pointlessly cruel way of controlling animals deemed to be a threat to livestock."

Councillor Aubrey Tarbuck said: "They used to say it was a 'humane' way to kill wildlife, but I used to walk three or four miles to school in the country and we'd often find rabbits caught in snares which we'd have to release.

"There was also a worry that if cows were left out in fields, they'd get their tongues caught in them."

"I'd take great pleasure in supporting your motion."

It was voted through despite 10 councillors abstaining.

City council managing director Duncan Sharkey will now write to Mr Paterson calling for the legislation to change.