FLYING through the air with the greatest of ease thousands of Starlings have been creating a startling spectacle above a Worcestershire village.

For weeks now bird watchers and passers by have been treated to an event known as Starling Murmuration over the village of Eckington, near Pershore, which proves birds of feather flock together.

And far from ruffling feathers the birds have proved to be quite a talking point amongst villagers.

Dave Stephens, who live in Tewkesbury Road in Eckington, managed to catch the natural phenomenon on camera this week.

The security officer said: "This photo was taken on Wednesday night just before they went to roost at about 6.15pm. I have been trying to capture the murmuration for weeks, and they have been doing the same performance over Eckington since January.

"They look like a massive swarm of bees as they work across. There is people stopping all along the Eckington to Bredon road looking at it. Nobody can believe it lasts so long.

"It is amazing that they always have that same place and time every night. They are coming in in their tens of thousands.

"They come from all over from about 5.25pm. When they arrive you can hear the flutter of all the wings.

"I am absolutely fascinated by it, I reckon it is one of the most amazing sights. I can't believe it's just Starlings that do this."

But why do the Starlings take to the skies in their thousands?

According to the RSPB it takes place for many reasons, including so they stay safe, keep warm and to exchange information, such as good feeding areas.