MEMBERS of Colwall Orchard Group celebrated the spring sunshine at the weekend by getting outdoors and planting trees.

The planting session was the culmination of three years of effort to establish the village's community orchard and also coincided with Climate Week.

The group has now planted 241 trees in the main orchard, plus 25 damsons in a new roadside hedge and 20 mirabelles in a new field hedge.

Tim Dixon of the group said: “The orchard trees include all sort of fruit: apples, pears, plums, greengages, quinces, medlars, a mulberry and a scattering of nut trees. The apples and pears are mostly local varieties already found in Colwall, including our very own Colwall varieties Captain Tom and Colwall Quoining apples and Stinking Bishop pears."

The group is inviting another round of tree dedications. You can dedicate a tree for £60 and choose whichever type or variety you like. Anyone interested can download a form from or phone Helen Stace on 01684 540569.