YOUNG people from the Prince's Trust have helped clear up some overgrown land to create an outdoor learning environment for children with special needs.

The group, from Worcester College of Technology, helped build a fire pit and a teepee for pupils at a area of Fort Royal Community Primary School known as The Orchard.

Margaret Jones, grant administrator at the Wyld's Lane school, said: "They came and said we had been chosen as recipients of some of their work.

"We have an area called The Orchard. It's become very overgrown and needed coppicing.

"The Duckworth Trust had already done a fantastic job helping to clear it.

"The Prince's Trust group came and started to build a fire pit, a teepee and to put in some raised beds so the children can get out there and do some outdoor learning."

Mrs Jones said the school hoped to encourage their pupils to plant food and then use it in cooking.

She added: "They really are doing a fantastic job and working well as a team.

"I think doing something for our children has made them more aware of working together."