"LIFE'S full of questions, isn't it, Batman? Though, naturally, I prefer to think of them as riddles." - this quote was famously spoken by Gotham's enemy, The Riddler.

Edward Nigma discovered puzzles when he was a young boy, and he gradually incorporated them into his criminal career, but the West Midlands has yet to find out if The Phantom should be feared or followed.

Your Worcester News tried to find out who he was, but we couldn't crack the riddles inside the rhyming couplets.

The Phantom said: "I am the Phantom, a friendly chap, wandering around the West Midlands map. I don't want to give my identity away, but there is one thing I can say, you need to keep up with my actions and I'll enjoy all your reactions."

People started picking up The Phantom's black and green calling cards donning a question mark at the end of February, and since then, cards have been found in Worcester, Droitwich, Kidderminster, Malvern, Brimingham, Rubery, Longbridge, Wombourne, Merry Hill, Telford, Wellington, Coventry, Warwick, and Wednesbury.

"My calling cards are to get myself known, but without having my cover blown. I put at least one down wherever I go, and have been watching my following grow.

"What happens when someone finds my card? Well they definitely shouldn't discard. What they need to do is follow me, on Twitter is where they will see, exactly what I plan to do next, I don't aim on leaving you all perplexed," The Phantom said.

The Phantom, who's travels are being logged on Twitter and YouTube, was encouraging people to find him, or her, because if they did and asked "the right thing, a reward it might bring."

For those who are being driven mad by the curiosity of the enigma, it'll all be revealed on Friday (March 14).

"Right now I am being a bit of a tease, so you'll have to bare with me please. At the moment I can't give too much away, but I can say, you'll find out Friday," The Phantom added.

Follow the whereabouts of the playful trickster on twitter, @FindThePhantom, or visit The Phantom's YouTube channel at youtube.com/channel/UCDsPFAZFKclGj53uSWcT9PQ?feature=watch.