PUPILS and teachers at a village school were delighted when inspectors rated their school as outstanding across all categories.

Grimley and Holt CE Primary school was described by Ofsted as giving its pupils excellent, individual care and attention which enabled them to make exceptionally rapid progress and achieve high standards.

Inspectors found children started reception at the level typically expected for their age and made consistently good progress with rapid progress made in their personal development, language and communication skills.

The children reached high standards in English and maths by the end of year 6.

In the past two years, pupils left the school more than a year ahead of pupils nationally.

Disabled pupils, those eligible for the pupil premium, and those who have special educational needs make similar progress to other pupils.

Inspectors found the quality of teaching was outstanding with teachers delivering lessons that were highly enjoyable and which provided consistent challenge.

They also said teachers struck an excellent balance between giving pupils information and challenging them to learn for themselves.

Reading was said to be taught particularly well.

An observed mathematics lessons was described as outstanding but inspectors said not all teachers had enough confidence in teaching mathematics to encourage highly individualised learning.

The behaviour and safety of pupils was said to be outstanding with pupils described as polite and respectful.

The pupils' showed an exceptional enthusiasm for learning and were proud of their school.

Inspectors said pupils felt safe in school and bullying was rare with attendance at the school above average.

Headteacher Helen Hoarle was praised for her clear and strong leadership and the report said she regularly checked the quality of teaching and organised training where required.

The local authority recognised the school as a leader in curriculum innovation and the school was praised for its creative use of topics to link subjects together and give a real-life context to the pupils' studies.

The governing body was said to be much more effective than at a previous inspection.

Mrs Hoarle said: "I think our success was down to all the team and their hard work and commitment.

"It's a pleasure to lead them."

About the school

*Grimley and Holt CE Primary is a smaller than average school

*The number of pupils allocated extra government funding, the pupil premium, is lower than in most schools

*An average number of pupils have special educational needs

What the school does well

*Teaching is consistently good, and often outstanding

*Pupils behave and attend well

*The curriculum is innovative and enjoyable

How can the school improve?

*Make learning in maths as exciting and memorable as it is in English