AFTER seeing first hand the importance of water filters during a visit to Ghana a kind hearted Worcester woman vowed to do her bit for the people in the African country.

Now Lisa Care, of Lower Wick in Worcester, is combining all her passions to raise enough money to buy as many water filters through the Safe Water Trust as she can.

On April 8 the 21-year-old, who works at the Anchor Inn, Diglis, and spends one day a week at Court Equestrian Riding School in Callow End, is holding a horse riding experience for children from Birmingham.

She is offering the day for free for ten youngsters and is hoping people will donate money for the water filters when they see the good deed she is doing.

"At the end of last year I spent three months volunteering in Asaka, Ghana," said Miss Care. "My main project was teaching but during the afternoon we would take off and visit villages. We would take along water filters and sweets and toys and spend the afternoon teaching the villagers how to use them.

"We distributed about 20 over the time I was there. When I came home I really wanted to something to send over some money for the filters."

So Miss Care decided to combine riding with fundraising.

"I thought I could combine my two passions," she added. "So I have ten children coming down from Birmingham and we are going to give them one to one tuition and teach them the basics of riding.

"It's an opportunity they may never have got so we are asking for donations, not for the day but towards the water filters."

The water filters cost £25 for a family or £200 for a community and so far Miss Care has raised £180.

"My original goal was to buy one for a community but we have already raised £180," she said. "But I am grateful for anything."

To make a donation towards a water filter visit and search for Lisa Care.