AN OUTRAGED councillor has slammed 'brazen' fly-tippers after they dumped rubbish, including around 50 tyres, in a scenic country lane.

David Harrison, an independent Malvern Hills district councillor for Kempsey, took this photograph of the rubbish in Taylors Lane, Kempsey on Tuesday. Meanwhile, leaders at the district council, who are aware of the situation, have warned fly-tippers that they face a fine of up to £50,000 if they are caught.

He said: "There are probably about 50 tyres and piles of rubbish underneath it. It seems they're becoming more brazen now. They're going along with vehicles and just tipping it. There's also broken glass which is probably why the council have had to put the barriers around it. I'm afraid that what I think you have not got any room to print in the newspaper."

He said there had been previous incidents of fly-tipping in the village last year while fly-tipping has caused controversy in Worcester outside the travellers' site in Offerton Lane, as reported in your Worcester News.

A spokesman for Malvern Hills District Council said: "The council is committed to keeping its outside spaces as clean and orderly as it can; in order to achieve this the council relies on its local residents to dispose of their waste in a safe and appropriate manner.

"The council is currently arranging for the removal of the recent fly tipping in Kempsey which will be done as soon as possible. It will be taken to the landfill site in Norton.

"In the last two quarters the council has seen a drastic reduction in fly tipping throughout the district with, on average 40-45 cases; in previous quarters it would have as many as 70 incidents. So far this month, the council has dealt with 25 cases.

"Where evidence can be found to identify the perpetrator, the offender will be prosecuted which has successfully been done in the past.

In extreme cases, those found guilty can be fined up to £50,000 and have their vehicle confiscated. The message to those residents who witness any fly tipping is to report it directly to The Worcestershire Hub with as much detail as possible."