IT was a full house for a Worcester bingo club when they were saved from closure by the budget.

Lady luck was on the site of Majestic bingo in Worcester as the Chancellor halved the tax rate to ten percent.

This decision will allow for investment and is the result of a long and hard fought campaign against the government for a reduction.

The industry also ran a Boost Bingo campaign to collect over 300,000 signed petitions leading up to the budget.

As part of the campaign, Majestic bingo clubs Ltd identified a programme of investment that would be freed up by the tax reduction.

Operation director, Dave Holt said: "Year on year, we have faced challenges of rising costs including maintenance, energy, minimum wage whilst trying desperately hard to offer terrific value.

"Now we can continue to offer terrific value and invest more money into the bingo clubs themselves by improving the quality of the facilities, food and drink etc."

Managing director Mark Jepp added: "Thankfully we now have a budget announcement that will not only save many of the bingo clubs on the brink of closure, but this will give many operators confidence and the impetus to invest for the future and face the challenges ahead with optimism."